ImproLove – international improv show – Laura and Gael <3 UU on Sunday 22.9.

ImproLove is an international improv show that is all about love and everything that comes with it. Showtime is 22.9.2019 at 15.30.

Special guests Laura Doorneweerd-Perry (NL) and Gael Doorneweerd-Perry (FRA) along with improvisers from the local improv theatre Uniikki Unikorni (FIN) start the night with Stories about Love which uses real life love stories as an inspiration. After that, the audience will be treated to the main course of the evening: Laura and Gael will perform their duo show Object of Affection.


What does real life love look like? We collect funny, sad and weird stories about love, dating and relationships and use those as inspiration and a map on a wild improvised exploration into the uncharted jungle of love.


Improvised Pixar Love Story by Laura Doorneweerd-Perry (NL) and Gael Doorneweerd-Perry (FRA).

Love is the common feeling which binds together all living creatures on earth. But what if objects could fall in love, have their heart broken or live happily ever after? Maybe a pencil and an eraser can have a future together. Or maybe true love is out of reach for a tea kettle and a chocolate bar.

In this duoshow, we follow the impossible love story between two objects or animals. Will they succeed to see beyond their differences? Will they be accepted in their lover’s family? Will love win overall?

Laura and Gael play strong and physical characters to bring you a universal story of love and its obstacles. A show like a Pixar movie: sensitive, funny and never trivial.

22.9.2019 at 15.30

1,5 hours

10 / 7 euros

Tickets from Valve ticket office Wednesday-Sunday klo 12–19 or
via (+1 euro service fee)

Valvenäyttämö, kulttuuritalo Valve (Hallituskatu 7, Oulu)

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